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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Are the Solunar Times the Same for All Fish and Game?
According to the originator of the Solunar Theory, John Alden Knight, solunar times apply to all types of fish and wildlife. Read more about the Solunar Theory on the ‘More’ Tab.

Why Does the App Sometimes Say ‘NA’ For Major Period?
There is one calendar day each month that the moon doesn’t rise (and therefore no moon overhead time) and one day that it doesn’t set (and therefore no underfoot time).  As a result, there is only one Major Period or Minor Period for those days, and the app will display a ‘NA’ value.

Will I Need an Internet Connection for the App to Work?
iSolunar™ is now designed to calculate the solunar periods internally without having to rely on connecting to the internet – provided that the location is already stored within the app.  However, to enter a new location, an internet connection is required to verify a new location. Therefore, we recommend adding a location before you travel to an area where your device won’t have reception/internet connectivity.

How Do I Delete A Location?
On the ‘Locations’ view, swipe from left to right over the desired location and tap ‘Delete’.

How Do I Delete a Trophy?
On the list view of the Trophy Room, swipe from left to right over the trophy you want to delete.

Why is the Date Wrong on My Trophy?
When adding a new trophy, select the date first before adding any additional data.  You can scroll backwards through the date picker to get dates for previous years.

How Do I Convert Weather to Metric Units?

Exit the app and go to your device’s ‘Settings’.  Scroll down until you see iSolunar™ and select. Choose your desired weather units.

Can I Email or Text a Map?
First, take a “screen shot” of the map by pressing and holding the top and front button on your device until you hear the camera sound. The image will be saved in your ‘Photos’ on your device. To email or text, you can exit the app, view the desired image, and send by selecting the forwarding icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Why Won’t the Maps Load?
Make sure you have completed the In-App purchase. Depending on internet connectivity and network signal strength, the time for the map to load will be variable. Be patient!

Why Does iSolunar™’s Times Differ from Other Solunar Tables?
We base our solunar times from the original description of the Solunar Theory by John Alden Knight in his book “Moon Up, Moon Down”.  There is some variability in interpretation among different producers of solunar tables.

Why Aren’t the Fish Biting?
While solunar periods certainly influence fish and wildlife activity, other variables such as weather (especially barometric pressure) and local habitat conditions affect feeding and activity levels.

What About Tide Data?

We are currently looking at the feasibility of adding tidal data in future updates.

How do I Download iSolunar to my iPhone?

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